My name is Brey

zion national park photographer, valley of fire photographer, valley of fire, las vegas photographer
let's get to know each other

Some fun facts about me:
- Happily married to my emoji covered face husband of 13 years
- Own 3 big dogs
- Love traveling and meeting new people
- Fave food: BBQ Wings
-Bilingual en Español
- Disneyland, Costco, Coffee, Cab Wine, Tattoos, Crossfit, hard laughs.
- Advocate for our First Responders and Military
- Big on being present in the moment and not caring a fuck what anyone thinks 😉

Be Authentic, Unconventional, and adventurous.

As a storyteller, I give a bit of navigation during our session, but my strategy is to ensure that we leave these moments touched by only your experiences. If you've gone through some life-altering or life-changing experiences, you'll learn that tomorrow is never promised and to live your life to your preference truly. Each day is a blessing and a day to learn and grow to be better than yesterday. 

I have been very blessed to have met my soulmate and life partner so early on and married that person. My husband and I have been together for 13 years, and it still feels like we are new. We have three dogs who we love and treat as if they are our kids. We love to travel together, whether that's on the road or by plane. We have a camping trailer which we bought so we can have some adventure with our dogs. We both love Disneyland, Yosemite, trying out new coffees, and sipping wine (for me... specifically Red Cabs) and beer (for him) while watching the sunset. I mention "we" a lot because this is a journey for both of us, and we love doing things together. He's my homie. 

Photography didn't start early in life for me. It began during a time in my life when I was desperately looking for change and joy in my work. My time in government work ended as it was no longer bringing me joy and creating negativity. That's where I started my photography journey. Fortunately, this has all worked in my favor, but it came with many sacrifices, obstacles, and challenges. I enjoy and quote honestly fell in love with the process. I have a lot of pride in my business!

In addition to my business, I take great pride in my personality. It's unique. It's silly. It's real. I don't bend over backward to please people just because. I treat everyone with respect, but it's quickly lost if it's not mutual. I am very upfront and honest and do the right thing based on my knowledge and experience. I have no problem standing up for myself and saying it with my chest 😂 . If I fuck up, I admit to it and own up to it. I joke and say that I am classy with a bit of hood. 😛 But it's real. Essentially, I am the same person I am at home as I am with my business. Ultimately, I don't want anyone to know a different version of me because I held back or wanted to impress anyone. I am human 👽 .

A note to my husband...

please use these photos, at a minimum, for my funeral. Thanks!