is probably what you said when doing research for photographers and 

That’s a very valid reaction! 

Here is the value breakdown if you book with me:

Behind the most expensive items, there’s a reason and a reputation. In my case, I come with experience, the best gear, and resources. But most importantly, I will always give honest and direct insight based on the wedding industry. I’m more than just your photographer. I am your expert navigator in the wedding industry, from wedding planners, hair and makeup artists, videographers, catering, DJs, florists, venues, etc. And if you know anything about me, I cut right through the bullshit. I have experience in traveling both within the state of California, Out of State, and internationally. And if you have done some traveling, you know it's not for the faint. There are a lot of obstacles that can come into play, and being able to have a backup plan after a backup plan is a must!

At the end of the day, it's all perception and communication.

Look at it from this perspective:

You are getting married for the first time. You are entering a territory where you slap the word “wedding” into it, and EVERYTHING doubles in price. It’s overwhelming! Where to start? How to navigate? Who/what to believe? There’s so much information and resources. You’re stressing out about hiring someone because they are cheap and are afraid that they won’t pull through, or you’ll hire someone expensive but doesn’t know what they are doing and feel iffy. You wish there was a “validation” process in this industry. That’s where you might look into WeddingWire, The Knot, Zola, etc. Even those run like “ads,” so the top-of-the-list ones pay big bucks to be on that page. So is it even real?

 Sigh… overwhelming, right?

As a photographer, we work alongside many vendors, and the most important mindset to have in this industry is a team player mindset. That includes having good communication, flexibility, quick decision-making, and being held accountable. I’ve worked in government work, and when I started this journey, I learned very quickly that there’s so much fluff in this industry, and when it’s questioned, no one has an answer other than “feelings.” Money doesn't come from feelings. Money comes from hard physical work! If you want something, you will work hard for it. Just like I do for my clients.

You deserve the best when you work so hard for your money. Work hard, play hard! Am I right?! 

This is where most sales pitches come in, but not me. I worked hard to be where I am now. I don’t take anyone’s time or money for granted. There needs to be a balance in providing a service to get the most out of it. What that looks like for Yosemite’s Golden Photography is developing trust, open communication, and setting terms and expectations to get the most out of everything. I firmly believe in having a good and healthy balance in a working relationship and friendship.  I will be your advocate through and through. Being married myself and learning what couples have done or wish they would have done for their wedding or elopement has been a great advantage for my clients.

As the vendor that will be with you throughout this whole journey, I consider myself your guide to this adventure. Indiana Jones style, haha. My commitments in life are my husband and my dogs (these are the only babies we intend to have in this lifetime). Our dogs are our world. I have the freedom and flexibility for adventure.

I am always a phone call/text away. I am always open to giving you my opinion and will guide you if asked. This investment is for both of you to cherish forever.  Make the best investment because you both deserve that.

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