Hi! I'm Brey

5'1'', Latina, extra spicy ( I say "extra" because I am half Mexican and half Salvadoran). Married to the best human in this universe for 12 years. I have a fun sense of humor and am not easily triggered 😂 , love Disney (annual pass holder right herrrrrre), The Office is my all-time favorite show, patriotic 🇺🇸 , dog momma x3 , Philz + Dutch Bros Coffe, LOVE the outdoors and the underwater, classy with a touch of hood, known for keeping it real 💯 . If you've been following me on social media, you already know the style I edit, my approach to photographing, and my personality. If you don't, no worries! I hope this section of my website will give you some insight into who I am. 😊

I am fortunate enough to live in the surrounding area of Tahoe, Sonoma County, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. When it comes to traveling, the only obstacle on my end is my availability. Other than that, I do my best to work out a plan to be your personal photographer for your special day and make it memorable.

I'm known for creating experiences that are fun, laid back, and authentic. I have an immense love for adventure and an eye for capturing raw, organic, in-the-moment feelings for families, small weddings, elopements, boudoir, and adventurous couples. I know I am not for everyone but if you find that I don't meet who you are seeking, I don't take offense. It's completely understandable. I wouldn't mind pointing you in the right direction either 😊 . My goal is for everyone to at least have a great experience with a fun photographer who is passionate about their clients and the focus of what's being captured and not someone who is a money pincher and doesn't have the passion, drive or respect for this luxury service.

To describe my work, I strive the best at a journalistic approach with some navigation depending on the moment. My goal is to document authentic, unconventional, organic, and adventurous moments while providing some direction in posing and making it look effortless and natural in the end. This means I take my time getting to know you before our shoot and making sure we are all comfy and ready for a fun time! 🤘🏽

About Yosemite's Golden Photography

Established in 2019

This Yosemite adventure started in 2012, 2 years after my husband and I started dating. We moved in together 2 years are dating and this was one of our biggest adventures together. Crazy to think that we only lived 4 hours away at that time but it felt like it was way further. At this point in my life, I hadn't traveled farther than the county I grew up in. This was a big experience for me in my adult life. Our first adventure together was camping in Yosemite. MY JAW DROPPED AND HEART STOPPED when we came out of the tunnel. So many emotions and it felt as if my body froze from functioning! Just GORGEOUS! To this day, I still remember that feeling.

Yosemite holds a lot of special memories and people, the one person that I wish I had made memories with, my mother-in-law. So to me it's more than just a gorgeous national park but a place where we visit regularly in honor of her, where we had our wedding photos were taken, where we continue to establish more memories and now capture beautiful milestones and memories of my clients.

As you can see, there are a lot of sentimental moments that had taken place in Yosemite. The more the memories and the more I learned about Yosemite, it felt right to name the business that I had poured everything into. The "Golden" is a mix of two things: CA the Golden State, California has many things that make it unique and desirable. Its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the Mojave Desert. Whether it’s beaches or golden poppies or sunsets, there’s something for everyone here. The second is the warmth I give when I edit photos.

To this day, I cherish the growth of my business but it all comes back to say Thank you to everyone that has trusted me in capturing thier milestones. You are what makes my business golden 😉 .



Wow! I literally can not express how not only responsive she is, but how flexible she is. I said I wanted something different and unique and we did just that!! You can 100% see how passionate she is in what she does and the quality of her photos prove just that! Just wow! We are so happy with how they turned out and loved just everything about Brey! You can not go wrong in choosing her as a photographer! We will definitely be making her our photographer in CA!!!