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Read me first!

I take great pride in my work and ensure that I am squared away with my business. Anyone can do photography but it takes skills, experience, discipline, and knowledge to succeed in this industry, well....really in any industry. For me, this isn't a job, it's a luxury service where I get to meet amazing people and document their milestones. I ensure as well that we are all on the same page, hold each other accountable, and for me to produce the best quality of service for your special day, I do my best in educating anyone about my business and this industry. For weddings/elopements, I always make sure my couples are taken care of on the day of their wedding and help in any way possible. I am quick on my feet, have clear and direct communication, and am confident in my work element.

Quality gives you more knowledge; being a vendor in the industry I have connections.

Quality saves time; an experienced photographer is efficient.

Quality saves you energy; an experienced photographer will prep you not only for photos but provide tips on things to consider for your special day.


Let's be real, there are a TON of photographers out there that do amazing work, however for your big day, not only is it important to see if you are compatible with each other but make sure that your photographer has proper gear. What I mean by that is having the tools needed to capture any setting. The results of not having that can lead to low-resolution files for printing. Below you will find the gear that I use:

  • Nikon Z6ii (Full Frame, Dual Memory Card)
  • Nikon Z6 (Full Frame, Single Memory Card - Backup Camera)
  • 24-70
  • 70-200
  • 35, 50 and 85
  • Flash


This is a big one, surprisingly a lot of photographers do not have this. A contract helps with certain things but having insurance is also important for getting permits, venues, and private properties. I am fully insured.

A few things to look for in a photographer:

  • Do they shoot in a variety of scenery?
  • If you've trolled me on IG, you see that I am all over the world and have photographed all sorts of amazing locations. I love the outdoors.
  • Is there consistency?
  • My work is somewhat consistent. It's honestly hard to stay consistent given that we have all 4 seasons in California... I feel like it should be 5 since fire season seems to occur more than rain. Anyways, on an overcast day, my photos won't be warm. In the spring there's more greenery than dried grass. This all affects the final product.
  • Is there diversity or do they have a specific social group?
  • Do their clients vary? Ex: race, gender, frame, etc.
  • I am not shy nor do I beat around the bush, I ask what you're most insecure about. I have heard it all...I mean, I photograph naked people. I gotchu 😉 .

Ask yourself, "Is this the style that I like?"

  • If it's a yes, then take that step in reaching out to them.
  • If it's a no, I would recommend searching on IG or Facebook the type of photographer you are searching for. There are so many of us out there. We are all so different which is so amazing!
  • ***If you are no longer interested, the best thing to do is to let them know that you are no longer interested or you have moved forward or went a different direction. I will tell you, I have heard stories where clients have ghosted (never responded) to the photographer. Then they do and at that point, the photographer will prefer to not take them on as a client. We are human. We are running a business and we count on open communication. That includes being responsive whether you are or are no longer interested in our business. ***

Lastly, observe their response time.

  • If they take forever, expect the same thing when you are wanting an urgent response from them, especially on the day of your special day. 
  • If they respond quickly, this is great! This shows that they value your time and want to give you all the information you need so you can make your decision. Again-if you are no longer interested in their services, let them know. All it takes is for you to communicate that to them. 😊

As for me, I will guarantee and promise you that I am a text away or a phone call away. I am prompt but also set my boundaries in work-life balance. 

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