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Yosemite's Golden Photography

Yosemite holds a lot of special memories for me, including my first adventure with my husband. It holds many sentimental memories and people, including my mother-in-law, who I wish you had the opportunity to make memories with. The park holds a special significance as it is a place that we visit regularly in her honor, where we had our wedding photos taken, and where we continue to establish new memories and capture beautiful milestones for my clients. It holds more meaning to me than just being a beautiful national park.

I named my photography business "Golden" as a nod to California's nickname "the Golden State" and the warmth I bring to my photos through the editing process as it's the personal touch that brings my work together.

I appreciate the growth of my business and am grateful to everyone who has trusted me to capture their milestones. My clients are the reason for the success of my business and I am thankful for their trust and support.