First off, never in a million years did I picture (haha no pun intended) myself being a full-time photographer. This is truly a luxury to call this my job and such a privilege to be part of someone's milestone and document it. That's just scratching the surface as to why I love my job.

This profession has taught me so much more to life than what I was doing before. I've already done my state/government/non-profit work for several years and it wasn't as fulfilling as I had hoped it would be. Sure, stability and retirement were great, but I wasn't happy. This life is truly too short to hold on to something that doesn't bring happiness, peace, and growth. Money will always come and go. It doesn't buy you happiness, however, it does give you the opportunity for life experiences and memories.

I don't have that cliche story of "I've always known I wanted to be a photographer since I was 2 seconds old"... no... it honestly all started for shits and giggles. I quit my job and started taking photos of my family. It wasn't until a family member suggested looking into photography more seriously as a job. I kid you not, my response was, "people do not spend money on photographers on normal weddings, yeah I see that" but fuck was I WRONG 😂 .

HERE I AM TODAY, photographing every life moment that anyone can experience. When I started, I HAD ZERO education, training, past experiences in photography when I had started. It's called hustle and graduating from YouTube University and getting my ass out there and photographing everything and anything at all times of the day. I'm a hustler on top of that. I love working hard, I'm very honest, transparent, and forthcoming on everything. Fast forward, it all paid off! I'm confident in the work I do and I love what I do. I'm very passionate about what I do. I'm not money hungry and work with people who have great intentions in life and truly want the best for themselves and for others.

This is my only opportunity on here where I can either give off good or bad first impressions. This might either deter or bring more people towards my business. As you can see, I keep shit real and love working with people who keep it real as well. If you would love to learn more about me, hop on over to my Instagram.... that's where I fuck shit up 😜 ❤️‍🔥🤘🏽

Feel free to explore my website! Thanks for stopping by!

Captured by: Lumiere Visual Arts (IG: @lumierevisualarts). Taken at sunrise in the fall.

Tips for Your Photographer Search:

Visit their website. Take a look at their gallery. This determines their experience in different settings.

  • Do they shoot in a variety of scenery?
  • Is there consistency?
  • Is there diversity or do they have a specific social group?
  • Do their clients vary? Ex: race, gender, frame, etc.

Ask yourself, "Is this the style that I like?"

  • If it's a yes, then take that step in reaching out to them.
  • If it's a no, I would recommend searching on IG or Facebook the type of photographer you are searching for. There are so many of us out there. We are all so different which is so amazing!
  • ***If you are no longer interested, the best thing to do is to let them know that you are no longer interested or you have moved forward or went a different direction. I will tell you, I have heard stories where clients have ghosted (never responded) to the photographer. Then they do and at that point, the photographer will prefer to not take them on as a client. We are human. We are running a business and we count on open communication. That includes being responsive whether you are or are no longer interested in our business. ***

Lastly, observe their response time.

  • If they take forever, expect the same thing when you are wanting an urgent response from them, especially on the day of your special day. 
  • If they respond quickly, this is great! This shows that they value your time and want to give you all the information you need so you can make your decision. Again-if you are no longer interested in their services, let them know. All it takes is for you to communicate that to them. 😊

As for me, I will guarantee and promise you that I am a text away or a phone call away. I am prompt but also set my boundaries in work-life balance.